Thursday, November 08, 2018

Animal Instinct

Prints of the animal variety continue to reign supreme.  Dorcas, Brand Ambassador for Sew Much Fabric, is the cat's meow in her new knit top. The pattern is a quick make and with the print, she has a top with a whole lot of style!  Thanks, Dorcas!

I don't know about you but I was over the year of the sleeve a year ago! To me, nothing is more interesting on a garment than the collar. Burda 6990 has long been a favorite of mine and yet this is the first time I've made View E that has the giant funnel collar. 

Originally, when I received this great knit from Roz at Sew Much Fabric, the Khaki Green Animal Print Rayon Jersey, I had in mind making a dress. However, after living with it a few days it announced that it wanted to be this top. (Yes, my fabric speaks to me!)

The collar of this top is just a big, long funnel. To give it some drape I lined it with Sew Much Fabric's Tricot lining:

To prevent the lining from showing I pulled it up about a half inch prior to attaching it to the neckline. 

I also lined the body of my shirt and love the feel of the Tricot: The lining in the collar really makes a nice drape:

I made the top tunic length and know I'll really enjoy wearing it as the weather cools down.


Faye Lewis said...

Very nice!

Linda said...

Lovely top! I do like that collar.