Sunday, July 30, 2017

Burda Style 8/2017

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All Styles at a Glance

Line Drawings

This dress is great to transition into early fall.

This suit is in petite size.
Jacket #117B, Pants #113A-Graphite Grey Ponte Knit

Love the exposed zipper!
Skirt #102-Red Wool Tricotine

Perfect for the office with just a touch of retro!
(Sold Out)

Plus Size
Elegant and Sophisticated 

Combining the exposed zipper and small grommets
gives this t-shirt some edge!
(Sold Out)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Are you RED-y for early fall?

  • Sometimes there are colors that we just don’t wear because we think they don’t look good on us with our skin tones. The truth is- you can wear any color. It just needs to be the right shade to enhance your skin tone. Notice the variations at right. One has more blue in it while the other one has more yellow in it. Both are great reds!
  • Red is a very hot color for Summer and Fall and has been shown all over the runways in New York and Paris. Make sure you include a smashing red outfit in your wardrobe for the fall.
  • Let’s look at what inspirational fabrics are here at Sew Much Fabric!

Daytime Looks That Move into Evening
On days when time is not on your side, a dress that will take you from daytime to nighttime activities is a must!  Torch Red Rayon Jersey Knit and Vogue 8825 is a great way to solve this dilemma. 

Another great option is Vogue 8995 matched with Red/Eggplant Reversible Scuba Knit.  Use both sides for the still trending color block look! 

Casual Outfits for Weekends of Fun
Red, mixed in a print like Fiery Hues Rayon Matte Jersey (Sold Out), is an easy and more subtle way to enjoy the color.  For the weekend, make a breezy top like Vogue 9111.

Pair the knit top with pants made with Cardinal Red Stretch Denim  (Sold Out) and McCalls 6901.  

Evening drama- Long or Short Versions

A red dress for evening says romance is in the air! Use Red Wool Tricotine which drapes beautifully with Butterick 4731 and use Scarlet Red Lace for the shrug.  

When the event calls for cocktail attire, Burda Style 03/2016 #122 with Chili Red Silk/Wool Suiting is an elegant choice!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tones of red. You’ll find the perfect one that suits you and your personality! No matter which shade of red you choose, you will be totally on trend for Fall 2017.  Happy sewing!

Fabric ideas posted by Beverly Gatterson, who teaches fashion design at the Art Institute of Houston.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ponte Knit Pants and a Cautionary Tale!

I'm loving this TNT pants pattern Samina made using the Midnight Black Ponte Knit.  Even though she had a few hiccups along the way they turn out great!!  You can follow Samina at Sew Everything Blog.  Thanks Samina!

A tried and true pattern, (also referred to as TNT) can be a dangerous thing. It can make a sewer too cocky for her own good. It happened to me recently with this project.

I’ve made (and almost worn out) pants with Vogue 1411 seven times to be exact. With this, the eighth pair, I became over-confident in assuming that I could finish all cutting-to-wearing tasks in a very short time.  Wrong!!!  The rush was the direct cause of some errors; fortunately, they were caught before creating more havoc. The lesson is that these pants could have easily become a “wadder”.  Then I would have had to go back to Sew Much Fabric to order more. 
Iron Your Pattern
Sheer neglect. Un-ironed pattern piece

Result of careless cutting with un-ironed pattern piece. Oops.

It’s always a good idea to iron out the pattern with a warm, dry iron to smooth it out. Creases and wrinkles in the paper are not ok.  This time I neglected to do that and guess what. There were two edges in the pattern piece which were folded over slightly – and I cut around the folded edge without realizing that. Fortunately, the seam width could be adjusted and no real harm was done.

At this point I became very careful, and slowed down to check and re-check everything. Guess what, the pants got done faster than my usual turn around for sewing projects.  Like Mr. Turtle whose slow and steady progress won him the race against that upstart Mr. Hare.

The only minor change I made to this pattern was the length, which I shortened by 3 inches. Two inches were removed by tucking up the lower pant leg pieces below the knee point, and the last one inch by shortening the hem. I like this length! What do you think?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Blues Clues

Carolina Herrera for Spring 2017

Pantone has come up with several wonderful versions of “Blue” for the spring/summer of 2017 and on into Fall 2017. This is a versatile color that works well as a neutral and allows one to stretch their wardrobe by using different garment combinations. Let’s explore the fabric at Sew Much Fabric!

Pantone’s colors for Spring and Summer 2017 (Not all colors are shown)

Pantone calls them:
Island Paradise
Lapis Blue

Casual days and nights

Make this chic look using White Ponte Knit pants with a flowy sheer top made from Abstract Palm Tree Sheer Stripe Organza. Use Vogue 1551 for top and Vogue 9189 for slim pants. 

Bluebell Rayon Jersey Knit for a top (McCalls 7249) matched with a skirt in Island Hues Rayon Matte Jersey (Sold Out) (McCalls 7386) are a great pulled together look for the weekend!

Looks great in prints or solids!

A print like Blue Sky Hummingbird Rayon Jacquard made into a wrap dress has summer written all over it!  Pattern Vogue 9251

Cobalt Rayon Jersey Knit works beautifully made from Vogue 9251. Elegant and comfortable for a formal affair!

Neutrals for Fall 2017- Navy Peony and Marina
Pantone referred to the Navy Peony as an anchor shade or neutral for fall. Along with that was the Marina blue which is lighter than expected for fall, but goes beautifully with the other bright colors in the fall palette. 

Slide into Fall 2017 with these Shades of Blue.
Marina-  This fun look will transition from summer into fall with Copen Blue Stretch Cotton Shirting for the skirt and Beach Blue/White Cotton Eyelash Check (Sold Out) for the top. Vogue 1515.

Navy Peony- Use Navy Rayon Jersey Knit for a daytime look that changes quickly for evening with accessories.  Use Burda 04/2016 #128B for a smashing look!
As you can see, blue is versatile and easy to mix and match with pieces in your wardrobe.  Check out all the shades of blue fabrics at Sew Much Fabric and let’s start sewing!

Fabric ideas posted by Beverly Gatterson, who teaches fashion design at the Art Institute of Houston.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Blue Note

Kasey has put this fabric to the test!  And as a classic t-shirt in this vibrant shade of blue it's a great addition to her wardrobe.  Thanks Kasey!

The 11oz rayon jersey knit (used here in cobalt blue) is a great quality fabric with the ease of wash and wear. It sews very well and has excellent recovery. I wore this over a recent weekend trip and was able to wear it on a very long and hot day (18 hours), wash out a small stain from salad dressing in the hotel sink with bar soap, and wear it again on the trip home (about 5 more hours in the airport, plane ride and driving home.) Wonderful resilience and recovery – I didn't feel at as if I was wearing a stretched out shirt for the second day.

Here it is in the photo after a regular wash cycle and long stint in the dryer, perfectly fine and no pilling after its third washing in this manner. No, not the recommended treatment but I’m not one to be dainty about a t-shirt. The pattern used is McCall’s 6964, but I know it would also be a great fabric for any of Sew to Fit’s new tops patterns.

Some tips on this fabric: trim or clip the selvage, it’s very tight and will throw off the grain of the fabric if you don’t. Also, try using a fusible wash-away stay tape to turn up your hems; while it adds a few minutes to your prep time, this will give the fabric some stability and allow much easier sewing whether with a coverstitch or regular sewing machine.