Thursday, December 22, 2016

Velvet Sparkle for the Holidays

Head Turner!!!  That's the phrase that came to mind when I saw this pullover top. And if this wasn't fabulous enough, Cissie took it to another level by adding sable cuffs!  Thank You Cissie for sharing this beautiful holiday look.

I needed a quick, easy top with some holiday bling for a girls’ Christmas party. So happy to find this pretty sequined stretch velvet (Sold Out) in my stash. 

The pattern is New Look 6439 and it went together from start to finish in 2 hours. The fabric was very nice to sew with and the sequins caused no needle breakage. I can wear the top with or without the sable cuffs! Depends on how flashy I want to look!! I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a bit of glamour for the holidays!


Faye Lewis said...


bpatricia74 said...

Love it! A beautiful look for the holiday season.

Audrey said...

A beautiful fun holiday outfit. Love the look with the fur cuffs.

Samina Mirza said...

Love the outfit! The sable cuffs are such a wonderful touch.