Thursday, June 23, 2016

Burda Style 7/2016

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Line Drawings

This has summer written all over it!
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Maxi Wrap Dress
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This blouse is the featured 4 in 1 look.

Love the asymmetrical straps.
It has in-seam pockets too!
Dress #117-White Pique
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Plus Size
This is great for the office or weekend glam!
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Sunday Best!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

In the Navy-A Classic Sheath Dress

Andrea has finished her classic sheath dress!  As part of the second installment of the wardrobe fit-along, Andrea shared her journey on how to obtain a beautiful fit.  Thank you for letting us follow your process!

If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel and are part of my IRL fashion sewing group, you are well aware of all the work and fun that has been had in completing this dress. I did a complete fitting tutorial and multiple instructional videos on changing the necklines, adjusting the pattern and working your way through fitting the dress.  This all began last summer (2015) with the white shirt, the sheath dress and then the denim jacket.  I wanted to thank all of you for continuing to follow along with this "one-woman" shop.

Now, for the goods-  "This lovely dress!!

The fabric (navy is on reorder-see this fabric in black or grey) was provided by Sew Much Fabric in support of my idea to bring to you this Sew-To-Fit Along."   Of course we all need a great fitting basic sheath dress. I sure needed a new one in my wardrobe, but breaking down and making one took some work from me, and of course some prodding and direction from my great Wardrobe Consultant, Roz Gaither, the owner and operator of Sew Much Fabric.  I'm not all sappy about her y'all, I just love working with people who put customer service at the top of the list.  I'm a sucker for good customer service.

Sheath Dress Construction Details:
This dress has been detailed so exhaustively in videos on my YouTube channel, which it is hard for me to honestly talk about its construction any further.  Please just enjoy the pictures and know that any questions you could possibly have regarding this dress is already documented in the videos on my channel.  

  1. Pattern is Vogue 9025, size 14
  2. Alterations: FBA, Broad back, Waist Lengthened, Armhole made smaller, hips adjusted for larger rear end.
  3. Zipper excluded because fabric stretches so well.
  4. Lined completely
  5. Lowered and reshaped the neckline

Much appreciation to you all!!!!  Please enjoy the pictures!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's On Sale!

Go to Sew Much Fabric and take advantage of the savings on newly markdown fabrics and save even more on previously reduced fabrics!  

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Springtime Floral

Andrea, from Sew-To-Fit, has sewn a fabulous dress for summer using Springtime Floral Stretch Cotton Sateen.(sold out)  She used a new-to-me pattern company, Bootstrap.  You can read more about Andrea's sewing adventures at  And now, you can also schedule an appointment with Andrea to help you get that perfect fit!   
April showers did indeed bring May flowers, even though it took me a while to get pictures in this dress.  I made this dress to wear for Easter on a cruise back in April.  

This dress was constructed in true---ready-to-wear fashion. Meaning, I sewed the entire dress on the serger.  I used the regular sewing machine to complete 3/4" hem along with making the alterations for the neck and armholes.  The facings were included with the pattern in this case, since it is considered a "fashion" pattern.  The fabric (Springtime Floral Stretch Cotton Sateen) was purchased by me from Sew Much Fabric, the online "fine" fabrics store I deal with mostly for any of my "online" purchases.  I love working with the owner, Roz.  She is very interested in making sure I get what I need.

I downloaded this pattern from the Bootstrap, "Fashion Design WIZ Pro", I was supper happy to have something "fit" my chest. But, totally forgot to take time to thoroughly analyze the fit in the most important areas, the armholes and neckline.

Don't get it twisted, this dress fits "around" all the important places, but I had to work to get the neckline and those armholes right. Those armholes are still in need of some manipulation..(aaahhh, I didn't do a muslin...I was in a rush).  I'd rather start another dress. 

After all the alterations I did to get the neckline to fit, I will be going back to the pattern and redrawing all the lines to get my fit, albeit, it is a lot of work.  Work I really hate to do in circumstances like this.  

Honestly, I am gonna wear the threads out of this 
dress this summer fit issues and all!