Tuesday, November 04, 2014

It's All About the Glitz! Pattern Review Vogue 1247

I love this fabric (Gold Metallic Linen Blend)!  It was just lovely to sew with.  I am really into "glitz" these days -- must be the old eyes! I want this fabric in every color.

I used a casual Vogue skirt pattern (1247) with this fancy fabric.  For some reason, I like the juxtaposition.  I plan to wear it with tights and boots -- and maybe even the denim jacket if I get up my nerve!  So afraid of being an old grandma who is trying too hard!!!

I lined my skirt with silk crepe de chine as the fabric wants to wrinkle.  This helps a bit.

Metallic fabrics are on point for this season and with the denim jacket you have a fabulous weekend glam look.  Thank you, Cissie, for sharing how you put this look together.  I love it!! 


Valerie said...

Very on trend. Your version is proof that this skirt works in every material!

Audrey said...

I love that you made this skirt out of a elegant fabric with a bit of sparkle. Enjoy wearing it.