Monday, February 24, 2014

Sewing/Design Competition and Fashion Show

                            1st Place Winner 2012                    1st Place Winner 2013

We are in year three of’s community service program with Elsik High school Fashion students.  I am so proud to say our Sewing/Design competition and fashion show has grown so much in such a short amount of time.  We are now including contestants from all of the high schools in the Alief district that have Fashion programs and we are including other school departments and activities to assist in this year’s annual event.
Please read Ann’s post at to find out more, including this year’s 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue theme and find out how you can join us this year.  Hope to see you there and thank you for all of your support in keeping fashion design and sewing classes in our public schools.



Sunday, February 23, 2014

Burda Style 03/2014

To purchase, to to 

All Styles at a Glance

Line Drawings

What a pretty suit for Easter!
jacket #101-Periwinkle Eyelet
skirt #117A-Periwinkle Eyelet

Great pattern for showcasing a large print.

This month's sewing lesson.
jeans #115-Blue Stretch Denim

Weekend Glam
knit top #114-Ladders

Plus Size 
What to wear to a spring wedding.

The lace fabric gives the boxy jacket a fresh look.
jacket #129-Scarlet Red Lace

Monday, February 17, 2014

Burda Style Plus Size Spring/Summer 2014

 To purchase, go to

All Styles at a Glance

Line Drawings

The sleeves scream Fabulous!!
This would be great lengthened into a dress.
blouse #403-Red Silk Charmeuse

It's the details....fabric and waistline treatment.
skirt #408-Periwinkle Eyelet

Pretty jacket for spring office attire.
peplum jacket #402-Teal Green Boucle

Saturday Brunch!
vest #426-Coffee and Cream

Weekend Glam!
jacket #427A-Black Denim and Step Around
pants #428A-Step Around

Sunday, February 02, 2014

A New Love.....Couture!!

I chose to make my first French jacket from Burda Style 02-2013 #107 which is a more contemporary version of the classic Chanel jacket.  I especially love the neckline.

 Spring Tweed

My fabric frayed very easily so it was perfect for making fringe.  I had my choice of two completely different options color-wise, going either along or against the selvage.  I choice the option you see on the left which has less yellow and green.

I cut 2" strips, frayed each side going towards the center and leaving about a half inch unfrayed.  I layered two of these strips to add fullness and then sewed braid down the center, stitching it down both sides.  

I made the pockets a little smaller than drafted on the pattern, approximately 3/8" less all around.

The couture experience is the closest thing to meditation that I have ever known.  I can't describe the feeling of peace and tranquility it provides. Becoming obsessed with something I previously resisted and avoided is a huge message from the Universe that I haven't quite decoded yet.  But really, do I need to know anything other than I love it?  Ending up with a swoon-worthy couture garment is almost an afterthought.

Every bit of lining and trim adds additional weight to the jacket making it feel richer and heavier as you progress.  The chain added at the end is the creme de la creme finishing touch.

Thank you Dorcas!  You described this perfectly--swoon worthy!  Dorcas blogs about her couture journey at Lone Star Couture.