Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Animal Print

These pants are not terribly exciting but -- they are what I want and need!  The fabric (Black/Grey/White Leopard Print) content was perfect for the StyleArc pattern (Claudia, a cigarette leg, slim cut pant with front seams and darted back).  I have been searching for a pants pattern that fits and this one does!  I am challenged in the "butt" department so am thrilled to find a pattern that doesn't sag there and gives me a little definition!

I wore these around the house all day and I can attest to the superior quality of the fabric.  Great recovery.  In fact, they look as good after a day's wear as they did when I first finished them.

I am sure these will be a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe and can see pairing them with lots of different tops!

Two of my granddaughters are fighting over the remnants -- enough for a pencil skirt for one of them!  I must learn to keep your fabrics out of their sight!

Thanks Cissie for the reveiw!  You are right on trend with the slim cut printed pants. 

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Angela Rae said...

These pants are amazing and you look fantastic!!! This fabric is so rich looking, you really did a great job of showing it off.

Thanks for the great blog!