Sunday, June 30, 2013

I've Waited As Long As I Could...

I don't like changes but this is the last day for Google Reader.  
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Perfect Marriage

Every now and then, the stars align and you find the perfect fabric to go with the perfect pattern.  This was one of those moments!  

Sew Much Fabric's gorgeous silk/cotton tweed (Mod Squad) and Angela Wolf's Fringe Skirt.  Heaven!

I am thrilled with this skirt and can see it being worn all year long.  Thank goodness I was brave enough to buy enough of this to make a jacket in the fall!  The pattern is probably the best fitting pencil skirt I've ever made -- and I've made oodles!  

I underlined it with silk organza and lined it with some rayon fabric in my stash.  

Other than a tiny tweak below the waist, I made no adjustments.  And this fabric does fringe like nobody's business!

Cissie, thank you so much for sharing.  You look stunning!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Burda Style July 2013

To purchase, go to

All Styles at a Glance

Line Drawings

Fun outfit for shopping or sightseeing.
top #103A- Orange Alert
shorts 105A-Navy Cotton Stretch Sateen

Love all the details on this jacket. 
jacket #102- Black Stretch Pique

This mock wrap dress is rocking a 70's vibe.
dress #112-Serenity Silk Charmeuse

You can wear this elegant top on a summer date.
top #104-front Sequin Black
                          back Silk Charmeuse Black

Plus Size
Beautiful neckline!
tunic #131-Satin Back Crepe Stretch-Magenta

Cowl necks are classics!
dress #133-Black and White Houndstooth Knit

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Getting Through the Work Week: 

The Peplum Top

Even though I work largely out of my home, there are times when I need clothes for business meetings.  I need something to wear for this humid south Texas heat.  We are all trying to dress for work with the summer weather in mind.  Casual Monday through Friday would work well for these hot summer months.  But that’s not the way it works.  You still have to dress work appropriate for your specific job, Monday through Thursday.  Here’s an idea that allows you to be at the top of your dress game at work, while giving that suit a rest.  The pattern for this top is the popular Vogue 8815.


I love the modern print of Paintbrush.  
Paint Brush

The color combination of red, white, tan and black goes with so many things, you already have in your closet.  I paired the top with a black wool crepe skirt Burda Style 01/2008 #109 blogged here.  

Sewing Details
I prewashed the fabric in warm water and dried on perma press.  There was no shrinkage but it did need some pressing!  

Notions: Rayon Lining-Diamond White

Pattern Alterations: I did my normal FBA (1/2") and lowered the waistline by 1".  I wanted the blouse to fit at my natural waistline because it is more flattering on me.

The pattern goes together quickly.  I used stay tape at the neck and waistline.

I also lined it edge to edge.  



My outfits have to do double duty.  I'm going to make capri pants with the Red Cotton Stretch Sateen to wear with this top.  Another idea for this fabric is a fun shirtwaist dress like McCalls 6506.

To finish off my look, I put on a vintage Anne Klein belt from my Mother’s closet

and I'm also trending the white nail polish!

I would love for you to leave a comment and share with me what are you wearing to work to beat this summer heat?

Sunday, June 16, 2013


This year has been a major turning point for me.  For the first time in my life, I could no longer fit almost ANYTHING in my closet.  Even the clothes I had labeled my “clothes for the curvier me” (oh please, I call those my fat clothes) were straining at the seams to accommodate my new body.   The last thing I want is to look nasty in my clothes.  I don’t like tight fitting clothes on my body, unless, I’m stepping out on the town, which rarely ever happens.  Still, I don’t even like those clothes to be too form fitting.

Now I know some of you will look at my picture and say, "What's she talking about?  She looks small to me."  That's not what this is about.  Whatever size clothes I have in my closet, almost NONE OF THEM FIT!!  So it doesn't matter what size I WAS, I am no longer that size and I'm in desperate need of something to fit me.

So what’s a girl to do who is about to turn 50, with “the change” (oh come on, it’s called MENOPAUSE) loudly knocking at my door and sudden weight gain greeting me every morning?  (Whew, did someone turn on the heater!).  Should I continue to buy ready to wear clothes and strain to make the new size fit my curvier proportions? I needed to come up with a solution.

Since I don’t sew, why not let someone else help me start rebuilding the perfect wardrobe that will show off my new figure.  That person is my cousin Roz.  She took an inventory of my closet deciding what could stay and what had to go.  I told Roz I still want to be able to wear my pencil skirts, but I don’t want my new hips and butt pulling the fabric in the front or the back.  And I don’t want to have to constantly adjust the skirt every time I stand up.  Roz assured me that I could still have all of my signature looks, by having my clothes made to order!

She joked with me that I have always had a love affair with the three Fs… fabric, fashion and fit.  She’s right.

Now it was time to select some fabric from  I decided to begin my new adventure by having a pencil skirt made.  I scoured the website and ran across some fabric that made my eyes sparkle with glee.  I know I should have probably started with a staple item for my closet, like a black skirt, but to heck with that.  I choose the beautiful spring tweed, made of cotton/rayon and linen.  The fabric has orange, pink, green, brown and cream and feels so soft to the touch.  Roz approved my pick.

She told me I needed a top that would bring balance to my smaller top and larger bottom.  She then showed me's Pinterest board, where she found the perfect top to complement my skirt.  Roz has a board for the hit television show Scandal.  The main character, Olivia Pope wears pieces that mirror my wardrobe.  Knowing my style, Roz recommended the short sleeved cowl neck top with a little “special something” on one of the straps.
Roz found a piece of fabric in the archives (uh.. that means her stash) that met her specifications.   She wanted a fabric that was soft enough for the cowl to drape and also dressy enough for work.  We got lucky that Roz’s stash included a coral charmeuse that was PURRR-FECT, as Catwoman would say!!

Now to find my seamstress.  Cynthia Mitchell is so great at her craft.  She is meticulous, with an easy personality and an ability to steer clients in the right direction for their body types.  I wanted to do a little something different with the hem of the skirt.  I suggested a fringe, but Cynthia’s expertise kicked in and she told me this might “date” the skirt.  Her counter was to put a binding at the hem of the skirt and to do it on the bias, to make it really stand out in a “three dimensional manner”.  The result, as you can see is a very beautiful, rich looking skirt that will be the envy of all of my ready to wear friends!  (Contact Cynthia Mitchell at

Cynthia also reworked the cowl on the top several times to give me the exact look I was going for—not too bulky and show off my clavicle, since it hasn’t gained any weight so far.  I mentioned to Roz that I wanted to narrow the shoulder straps, but she wisely pointed out that narrowing the straps made the top look less business like.  But I will have the same top made with narrow straps for a night out on the town.

The end result is a stunning two-piece that I can wear in and out of the office.  In this picture I paired it with daytime gold sandals.  I thought it added to the richness of the outfit.

Roz will continue to work with me to rebuild my wardrobe for my new body.  Please follow me on this blog, as we continue the journey to clothe the new me.  I’m not running away from 50, hot flashes or any other challenges.  Instead I’m going to embrace having lived this long, by beating the number 50 at its own game.   Thanks to Roz, Cynthia and for getting me on my way!!