Friday, May 03, 2013 Design/Sewing Competition.... Take II

What a difference a year makes!  Last year created the first ever design/sewing competition at Alief Elsik High School.  We had a great response and the winners have gone on to continue their love for fashion design and sewing!
Fast forward to this year and wow--our competition had an increase in student participation and an increase in the number of people who attended our fashion show.  Around 150 people showed up to cheer on the next generation of Marc Jacobs and Donna Karans at the second annual design/sewing competition at Elsik High.

This year the students were given the challenge of creating a modern garment to reflect the fashion sense of a close family member or friend.  Many of the students used their grandmothers for inspiration.  Others used their mothers, cousins and yes, even a grandfather!!

In addition to designing and sewing the garment to be modeled at the fashion show, the participants were also required to develop a portfolio depicting the thought process that went into their design choice.

The Theater Arts department emceed the show and the Elsik jazz dancers performed, making this year’s show that much more special.  Incorporating other artistic elements in the show enabled more Elsik High students to be a part of the competition.

Drum roll!  And now for the winners….

Third place:  Senior Kytiana Taylor received a special edition of Burda Style magazine for her Asian inspired dress.

Second place: Senior Valerie Martinez used her grandmother for inspiration.  For her medieval take on a formal gown, she received a basketful of sewing notions, a $75 gift certificate to and a current issue of magazines donated by Threads magazine .  And come this fall, Valerie will be heading to The University of Texas at Austin to pursue a degree in Education.

The top prize for the 2013 Elsik High Design/Sewing competition goes to…..

Dulce Tello.  I am so excited that Dulce received the first place prize.  She entered the competition last year and did not place.  She listened intently to the judges’ critique of her work and incorporated the comments into this year’s design.  The judges were so impressed with her whimsical organza gray dress with a taupe lining that included organza rosette appliqués.  Her design reminds me of something you would see in Alberta Ferretti’s line.  Dulce received a Baby Lock sewing machine, a $150 gift certificate to and the book, “Sew Vintage”, donated by Threads magazine.

Congratulations to all of our winners and to everyone who participated this year!  We are looking forward to this year’s juniors competing again next year.
A big thank you to Abby Rey for being a wonderful teacher and for sharing her love of sewing with her students.  Abby, you’re the BEST!

Eileen Johnson and Katie White, I had a blast judging with the two of you for the second year.

See you guys in 2014!

To get inspiration for the fashion icon within you, follow me on Pinterest.  I’ll have lots of great ideas that will have you sewing all Summer!

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