Friday, May 10, 2013


( Mom and I circa 1961-she made her dress)

For those of you blessed to still have your Mother with you, please enjoy the day with your special lady and treat her like the Queen she is.

My Mother passed away seven years ago, leaving behind quite a legacy.  I have been sewing since I was four years old.  My guide was my Mother and her Mother, my grandmother.  I can remember learning how to pin the pattern to fabric and being so careful to check the grainline.  I watched as she showed me how to do tailors’ tacks and a proper hand stitch for the hem.   I was so excited to learn how to knot thread with one hand thanks to my Mother’s teachings.  I remember the first time I made something for her to wear.  I was so proud!  It was the 70s and polyester double knit was all the rage.  It was a dress with a jacket.   The dress was a sleeveless sheath but the jacket had a notch collar and set in sleeves!! I ripped out the sleeves five times.  Thank goodness polyester double knit could take that kind of abuse. I was thrilled but nervous to give it to her because she was such an accomplished sewer.  I had nothing to worry about.   My Mother loved me unconditionally, but still I didn’t want to give her something that would make her wonder if I was paying any attention to what she’d taught me through the years.

As Mother’s day 2013 approaches, I wanted to “make her something again”, even though she’s not here to wear it.  Included below is a pattern and fabric that I’m “sewing” for my Mother for Mother’s Day.

She would have loved the jacket in Vogue 8865 because of its classic lines.  The zipper at the waistline would add just the right amount of “current trend” for her. My mother would have oohed and aahed over the fabric Mod Squad because she loved silk.  Though I would have suggested a fusible interfacing she would have asked me to use silk organza and to sew her lining in by hand.  She was old school.

She would have worn the finished jacket to church on Sunday with a sheath dress, classic pumps, designer handbag and her pearl ring.   Of course she would tell everyone that I made it. 

I sure do miss you Mom.  I would have loved to have had the opportunity to make this for you.

Your loving daughter,


becki-c said...

Gorgeous! So beautiful!
Have a wonderful Mothers Day.

Fabriholic said...

Beautiful Mother's Day Salute!

Roz said...

Thanks Becki and Fabriholic!

Youtique Bridal said...

Love this! What a heartfelt tribute:)
Ann N.