Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pattern Review: Vogue 8728

Sea Island Floral
100% Silk crepe de chine


I've been looking forward to this dress all year and found a great silk for it this spring.  The pattern is 1947 Vintage Vogue 8728.  I made a few alterations based on the muslin I made of the top of the dress only.  I add two inches of gathering to the top and the skirt.  The fabric gathered so well and I wanted a fuller look.  The picture on the pattern envelope is a little deceiving.  I also added about an inch to the sleeve to make sure it completely covered my shoulder.  And I added height to the top to ensure the neckline wasn't too low for my liking.  
I originally wanted to bring the shoulder seams in so the boat neck was narrower but i made the minor mistake of adding shoulder width to the front but not the back shoulder when I cut out the fabric.  Oops!  It still fits fine but I do have to adjust it once in a while when wearing it. 
 The pattern did not have a lining so I added a piece of facing to the front midriff.  Ideally, I would have liked to have a lining under the front blouse gathers too stabilize them but it seemed a little too complicated and time consuming to create one.  

You'll notice the hem of the sleeve is a little curly.  I would like to re-stitch that so it's smoother.  I would also like to tighten up the neck binding so it lays flatter.  It had to be hand sewn because my needle had trouble going through all the layers.  I tried switching several needles but each one struggled.  I enjoy hand sewing though.  

The button on the back adds just an extra touch of vintage I think.  If I did it over again, I would make a small keyhole in the back under the button. 

 I'm wearing a small petticoat under the skirt to give it just a little body for a vintage flare.  I've gotten lots of compliments and am so happy to finally have a vintage inspired dress!

Enjoy your vintage dress Abby and thanks for the great review!


Angela Rae said...

I enjoyed reading Abby's review and am very impressed with the dress. The fabric is so beautiful! I also like that Abby told us about some challenges she faced while putting the garment together. I feel like I can truly relate to her as a dressmaker. Abby, you are a vision of vintage loveliness!!!

becki-c said...

That looks so vintage and so pretty on you. What a great dress for summer.

Claire said...

What a gorgeous dress!!

Unknown said...

Abby, you look awesome in your new dress. Also you did a great job on the dress. It fits you so well. Love it. Ronnie

Abby said...

Thank you!

Abby said...

Thank you!