Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pattern Review Burda 2/2009 #108B, 
Vogue 2893 and the Peplum Belt

Burda 02/2009

Black and White Stripe Knit

The skirt and peplum belt are a tropical weight wool now out of stock.
I have made this skirt before.  You can read the review here.
The peplum belt was in the previous post.

Notions for knit top: Gutermann thread

Alterations: None

Construction Details: I used Clover Fork Pins to hold the stripes in place while cutting out the pattern.
I learned this trick from Susan Khalje.  

The only other changes was to the neckline.  I didn't like the "turn down and stitch" 
instructions, so I used the neckband from Vogue 1141.

On to the next project........


becki-c said...

Love the stripes with the houndstooth, I would never try to pull that off, but you totally rock it.
You have got to show me more about those pins, your stripes are perfect!

Roz said...

Thanks Becki,
Fold your fabric to match your design. Then pin in place.
The pins do the work holding the fabric so it doesn't sift.

Anonymous said...

Roz, you are totally awesome. Everything looks great on you!!!!


Roz said...

Thank you Ronnie. You are too kind!