Saturday, October 06, 2012

Special Edition
Burda Classic 2012

All Styles at a Glance

Line Drawing

Swing Coat for Evening
Coat #0005A

Feminine wrap blouse worn with 
high waist, slim leg pants
Blouse #0014
Pants #0010A

Dramatic entrance!
Blouse #0015
Skirt with Train #0016

Classic Sheath
Dress #0004A

40's silhouette-the skirt has front welt pockets
Jacket #0007B
Skirt #0008A 

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becki-c said...

It doesn't look fancy and impressive at first glance, but I have been looking for a long, lose jacket with a lapel like that, what sizes does that come in?
I didn't get this with my subscription, was it extra?

Roz said...

Becki, the jacket comes in sizes 32-44. It is not a part of your subscription.