Friday, September 30, 2011

Pattern Review Vogue 1014
Joanne's Mother of the Groom Dress

I saw the pattern before I had considered what a Mother of the Groom should wear.  It seemed just right to me.  The first few people that I showed the pattern to agreed it was a Mother of the Groom dress.  

The first week of June, Jeni took my measurements. That gave me an idea of what size I should try to draw.  However, the pattern pieces were not usual and I 
was unsure of just where to enlarge for hips or bust.

 I made a muslin.   I made some adjustments to the muslin.   Then I called on Eileen to come help adjust the backside.  We decided to insert a triangular piece in the back. That made it difficult to smooth the muslin pattern flat.

I also decided that my narrow and sloping 
shoulders were not going to support a boat
neckline.  I rounded the neckline of the

Once the muslin was made, I was ready for the fabric.  I had chosen a polyester satin back crepe.  Or is a crepe back satin.  I
have always wondered and for this dress it would be both.  I decided on a deep turquoise. 
Satin Back Crepe-Deep Turquoise
100% Polyester

Eileen showed me how to make a narrow 
French hem for the edges of the drape pieces.

Then I gathered the drape to one side with a fabric loop.

The line for the zipper was on the bias.   
One side of the zipper allowance needed 
to be eased to the other side.  Roz 
reminded me to stabilize the seam allowance 
where the zipper would go.

A pretty invisible zipper! 

At the July Sewing Fashionistas meeting,  
Bernadette spent a lot of time adjusting
the fullness at my right hip and a dart.   
The dart ran diagonally from the back to 
the bust.  Then she gave me more help 
via email.  And I kept smoothing the back.

This is the ambiance lining that is very cool to wear and very slippery to touch.  I marked all lines on the lining to help with construction.

The lining fit.  The dress fit.  I made several 
adjustments to the neckline to get it just right.

I added some fullness to the sleeve and then 
basted it in place.  Adjusted and basted it again. 

When it felt right and looked smooth I stitched 
the dress sleeve into place and then blind 
stitched the lining over the seam allowance.

 Now I had to think about more than the dress. 
Should the hair be up or down.
Choose some shoes.

 I made thread loops to hold the 
dress on my shoulder straps.It was amazing 
what this did for the fit of the neckline.

When I was ready to hem, Peggy came over and marked the hem.  She has a wonderful eye for that and turned it up smoothly without the use of the yardstick.  I could tell by the feel that it was straight.  Peggy had good suggestions about the drape. Rita was willing to come mark the hem.  However, it was the first week of school for both of us and schedules just didn’t match.  The dress is ready with a couple of days to spare.

Finally I chose jewelry that was a little bulkier than I usually wear.  I had my hair put half up but left it hanging a little on my neck. 

Dancing with my husband

Dancing with my son, the groom
 Thanks Joanne for sharing your special day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Burda Style October 2011

All Styles at a Glance

Line Drawings

Classic Chanel Style
dress #116

These pieces work great together, but will also style well with other garments.
blouse #121
pants #124A

Casual Chic
blouse #128A
skirt #119B

Love the oversized patch pockets
coat #106

This wrap dress has a flounce on the front skirt.
dress #123A

Plus Size
Following the color blocking trend.
blouse #135B
skirt 136A
belt #152

This dress has interesting pleats.
dress #138A

A-line coat
coat #134
To purchase, go to
Graduation Day-Day 6 of Couture Sewing School

In the immortal words of Forest Gump-"Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you are going to get."  Well, I was so fortunate to have a 1st class box of chocolates with this dynamic group of ladies! I enjoyed getting to know each and everyone of them.  We laughed (a lot) and did a our "happy dance" with one another with each success we obtained.  Susan is an incredible teacher.  She instills patience and self confidence in each student.  And I would like a tenth of the energy she has!!!  I strongly recommend a class with her!!!  I also have to give a huge shout out to the Hilton Garden Inn in Katy TX.  They treated us like VIPS!  Kim Remlinger and her staff provided for all of our needs.  Coffee (caffeinated and decaf), tea and water were provided all day long.  An afternoon snack (cookies,  pretzels) was brought in to help with that afternoon slump.  The location is great with easy access to sandwich shops, Starbucks, and other restaurants.  A Walmart and Outlet Mall are within 2 minutes.  We had so much fun that we'll do it again next year at the same location!!!

The Class Photo
photo credit to Myk Fenstermacher (husband of Liz)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Are We There Yet?-Day 5 of Couture Sewing School

Our garments are finally coming together and really looking good!!

With Susan's tutelage we were able to do some amazing projects!
Learning Couture Techniques-Day 4

We learned so many skills that improved our sewing and fitting!
Susan is very encouraging, inspiring and generous with her knowledge.

A fitting session

Applying boning and cups

Hand picked zipper


Lace placement

Catch stitching seam allowances

All hands on deck when working with tulle!
We all learned so much from each others projects!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Needle to Fabric- Day 3 of Couture Sewing School

The individual pattern pieces are coming together and taking shape!

Ready to quilt the lining!

Demonstrating a technique

Gorgeous Projects!

Projects are coming to life!