Thursday, April 08, 2010

Pattern Review Vogue 1025 Twice

Anne Klein Blue Denim
100% Cotton

Electric Violet Dot
100% Cotton

Prewash: Both fabrics were machine washed in cold water on the cotton cylcle and dried on perma press.  They each shrunk 3-4 inches in length.  I'll dry clean them in the future to maintain the intensity of the colors.

Alterations:  The photo on the pattern appears that the skirt of the dress sits on the natural wasitline.  It is actually 1-3/4" above the waist like a high waist skirt.  I like high waist skirts but if you don't, you may want to skip this pattern or do some pattern modifications.  Where I always have to make adjustments is in the bust area.  I used a size 12 for the bodice because the finished measurements gave enough width, but I still needed length.  Since the bust point was in the correct area, I drew a horizontal line under the bust point 

and a vertical line through the large dot of the outer tuck.  

  I slid that section down 1-1/4" and redrew the tucks at the seam line.  

The ease of the skirt for a size 12 was 5-1/2" which was more than I wanted so I dropped down to a size 8 and tapered back to a size 12 above the waistline.  The last alteration was shortening the skirt 3".  This was done in two places above the hemline because the hem is tapered.  

Construction:  Nothing tricky here just straight forward sewing.  
A couple steps I would add
-interface the zipper area and kick pleat

-understitch the neckline and armhole


Back View

Conclusion:  Every wardrobe should have a LDD-little denim dress.  I actually made this last fall and pulled the pattern out again for a quick Easter dress using the Electric violet cotton.  This would also make a great cocktail dress using a light weight brocade like this grey/cream brocade.


Veronica said...

Love both the dresses and the denim one was so cute on you the other night! You looked fabulous. Meant to ask you how in the world you managed to walk in thoses heels? Seriously, I would hurt myself, if I attempted to wear them. Thanks for all you do for your sewing group! It was a great time!


Roz said...

Thank you Ronnie! LOL @ the heels! You have to know which ones are made to walk around in (like wedges and platforms) and which ones are made for walking in and sitting down (like the ones with the Electric Violet Dress). Glad you were able to attend Sewing Fashionistas Monday night. We missed you last time.