Saturday, December 30, 2006

Costumes are always a lot of fun to make. This was a costume we made for a client during the holidays. She was a tour guide for a festival held in Waco where they dress up in early 20th century attire.

The dress is made of 51% cotton 49% acetate floral embossed bengaline faille

The bustle is detachable and filled with heavy duty crinoline for lots of "puffing".

She decided to keep it plain, no flowers.

This is a easy and fun costume to make!

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prestonsbaby said...

Wow, that is incredible! People are always talking about needing costumes for an occasion, but they never find what they really want and it just looks so thrown together. I never ever thought about having someone make a costume. I should know that people do make them. Look at the movies, DUH? Are we talking OSCARS? Gone girl! Love and Peace 2007! Yippee