Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fashions for Tall People

I haven't blogged lately because we gave a surprise party for my Aunt and Uncle this past Saturday. A great time was had by all but it really kept me busy for the last week.
I was asked a question awhile ago by Prestonsbaby on fashions for tall people.
Here are a list of websites:
Ex Officio
Lands End
Ex Officio is very causal sportswear. Lands End now has available custom made blue jeans at a very reasonable cost. Roaman's, Shop.com and Zaftique have dressy clothes as well as sportswear. You have to look for the gems but they are there. My best advise for anyone having a hard time finding clothes that fit is to get a great seamstress. Alterations are possible on most things. On clothing you will wear frequently (like a great pair of black pants or a fabulous suit for work)
go for a custom made garmet. There's nothing like a garmet that's made special just for you.


prestonsbaby said...

Hey Roz , I also found another tall girl fashion source. www.longelegantlegs.com has some nice items to assist with us difficult bodies.

Roz said...

Alright Prestonsbaby! It's great to share info so we can all look fabulous.