Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fall 2006 Mailout

Velvet Burnout (white fabric in the background to highlight rose burnout)
45" Wide
82% Rayon 18% Silk
15.00 per yard
Designer Jones New York
Lace print with velvet roses
45" Wide
100% Silk Georgette
18.00 per yard
Designer Nine West

Aubergine Brocade with Silver and Gold Metallic Threads
60" Wide
55% Polyester 42% Rayon 3% Metallic
16.00 per yard

Aubergine Satin
60" Wide
100% Polyester
10.00 per yard
If you would like swatches, email your name and address to

1 comment:

prestonsbaby said...

Hey girl, those were wonderful fabrics. You're such a guru for beatiful things. Hey I was told that you no longer have to worry about wearing white or linen clothing after Labor day and then wait until Easter. Is that right? I will let the expert clarify this. I've always adhered to that fashion rule. I wait on the Easter bunny before i step out like that.