Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fall 2006 Mailout

Velvet Burnout (white fabric in the background to highlight rose burnout)
45" Wide
82% Rayon 18% Silk
15.00 per yard
Designer Jones New York
Lace print with velvet roses
45" Wide
100% Silk Georgette
18.00 per yard
Designer Nine West

Aubergine Brocade with Silver and Gold Metallic Threads
60" Wide
55% Polyester 42% Rayon 3% Metallic
16.00 per yard

Aubergine Satin
60" Wide
100% Polyester
10.00 per yard
If you would like swatches, email your name and address to

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another view of Vogue 7937

This skirt is from the same pattern used for Linda (see 8/17 entry).
It is a quick, easy skirt that could be made in a day.

I used a softer 6 oz. denim for view D so the skirt could drape in the back.

This same skirt out of silk velvet or stretch velvet would be great for eveningwear.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Taking You from Day to Night

Back in the spring, Linda called wanting to update her wardrobe. We spent a Saturday afternoon going through her closet deciding what to keep and what to eliminate. Linda is a corporate event planner for an international oil and gas company as well as running her own event planning business Essential Elements and More (832-483-1987). Linda needs clothes that take her from the corporate office during the day to her own events at night. We decided to make Linda a jacket, halter and skirt. The jacket and halter are made from a
mid- weight cotton jacquard from her stash

and the skirt is denim from Ralph Lauren featured in last summer's mailout.

We drafted a jacket and halter pattern

and used Vogue 7937 view C for the skirt.

The halter has a seperating zipper on the side.

It also features boning in the front, side and back to keep the halter from sagging.

Wearing all three pieces gives Linda a professional look but by removing her jacket she stays cool while showcasing her many events for summer.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Summer Sewing

I thought I would share a pic of one of the outfits I made this summer. Yellow and brown are one of my favorite color combos (actually, I love brown with just about anything). The skirt is a 100% cotton pique from the Early Summer 2006 mailout. I used my TNT (tried and true) pattern pictured below.

Everyone should have a basic skirt pattern that they can sew and go. The blouse is Vogue 7876 view C minus the drape across the front.
The fabric is a linen/rayon blend from the Summer 2005 mailout.

One of the alterations I always have to do on blouses (and so should anyone larger than a B cup) is a full bust alteration (FBA). Here is a picture of that.

This blouse is becoming one of my TNT patterns. There are lots of ways to change the style by adding collars, different sleeves or adding trim. I'll post other versions of this blouse as I make them.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fashions for Tall People

I haven't blogged lately because we gave a surprise party for my Aunt and Uncle this past Saturday. A great time was had by all but it really kept me busy for the last week.
I was asked a question awhile ago by Prestonsbaby on fashions for tall people.
Here are a list of websites:
Ex Officio
Lands End
Ex Officio is very causal sportswear. Lands End now has available custom made blue jeans at a very reasonable cost. Roaman's, and Zaftique have dressy clothes as well as sportswear. You have to look for the gems but they are there. My best advise for anyone having a hard time finding clothes that fit is to get a great seamstress. Alterations are possible on most things. On clothing you will wear frequently (like a great pair of black pants or a fabulous suit for work)
go for a custom made garmet. There's nothing like a garmet that's made special just for you.