Friday, July 21, 2006

Fall Fashion 2006

Embelishments, sparkle and soft girly things have ruled the fashion scene for several seasons. The pendulum is moving in the other direction with a more somber and minimalist mood.
Are you ready for an 80's revival?
Top Items for Fall

Layering (please no more than 3 pieces)
Shorts for fall (really works out well for us in the south)
Wide leg/skinny leg pants
Leggings (we already had this discussion!)
Bubble skirts
Luxurious fabrics ( furs, brocades, metallics)
Colors-black/white with a shot of red, grey, olive (however in Texas you will see a lot of brown)
Shoes-ballet flats, 40's style platforms, booties (otherwise known as ankle boots)

Prestonsbaby ask about fall fashions for tall people. Tall people (like everyone else) come in many shapes and sizes. You also have to consider what is age appropriate. But if I had to pick one thing on the list it would be wide leg pants.

What will be your one "must have" for fall?

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